A Guide to Companion Planting

May 12, 2022

Did you know that just like you have friends and personalities that you get along with better than others, so do plants?! Some plants love to grow together while others actually hurt each other. learn about what veggies you should grow together this season for a bountiful garden.

Tomatoes + Basil

This dynamic duo thrives together not only on pasta but also in the garden. Basil helps keeps the bugs away from the tomatoes. And bonus, basil helps the tomatoes grow bigger and juicier!


Corn + Squash

These two summer veggies love each other’s homes! The squash plants with their crazy vines find comfort growing around the towering corn to protect them.

Lettuce + Mint

Slugs are fun critters, but not for lettuce. When you plant Mint next to lettuce, it tells the slugs to back off and not eat their buddy lettuce.


Bell Peppers + Basil

Not only does planting Basil with Bell Peppers help keep away the bugs just like with tomatoes, rumor has it that Basil will help your Peppers taste extra yummy!

Green Beans + Corn

The variety of Green Beans that grow on a vine needs tall strong friends to grab onto. Corn with its sturdy stalks makes a wonderful pair for those Bean friends who need a boost to grow.

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