“If you can’t feed 100 children, then feed just one.”

— Mother Teresa

We have witnessed the pure joy and appreciation that a child experiences when they are cared for with a hearty, wholesome meal filled with real food rich with nutrients.

If you feel called to make a difference for our children, our communities, and our future, then you have stumbled upon the perfect organization to do just that. Let’s be honest, we all share something in common and that is we LOVE food! Be a part of the journey to ensure everyone enjoys a day where mealtime is a highlight and not a reminder of lack.

Together, we can enrich the lives of so many through meals made with love and the power of education around how to source and prepare healthy, tasty, and sustainable food. It’s a journey of delicious joy and we hope you’ll join us!

We are so deeply grateful for each and every contribution made by all who have supported us to get to where we are today, the difference you have made is invaluable and endlessly appreciated. Thank you!