Gratitude. How Do We Find It?

Nov 25, 2020

November is typically a month when we are supposed to focus on gratitude, giving thanks, showing love. All that good stuff. But in the uncertain times we are living in presently, how do we find gratitude? It is all too easy to get into a negative mindset. Where we are lacking in life, our struggles, and more. But if we change the way our mind works through those thoughts, we can find gratitude. So let us practice some mindfulness together to see the positives in our lives today.

Find yourself a quiet space where you can relax. Get away from your talkative siblings or the sounds of traffic and just be alone with your thoughts. Once you are comfortable, take five slow deep breaths. Yes, it is going to sound silly and you may be thinking how does this help me find gratitude, but let me tell you it helps.

Once you aced the deep breathing and your mind is clear, start to list the small things you are grateful for. It can be as simple as the sun shining or your friend giving you a hug. It does not have to be big. Expand on it. If the sun is shining, then you have the ability to see the world in full color and dimension. That hug shows you that you have people in your life who care about you.

Now keep going! Write down three things you are grateful for in the present moment. Make it a daily habit and change your mindset.

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