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Jan 26, 2021

How do we even begin to spread the message ‘Eat Your Veggies’ to the world without sounding like a broken record? Have some fun with vegetable puns!

In creating this series of new stickers for Project Rooted, I enlisted the creative and quirky minds who love a good ‘Dad Joke.’ After polling the cheesiest people I know, we came to the conclusion that the following four puns would help us spread the good news about vegetables.

When we are ‘Corn to be Wild,’ we unleash the boundless options of how to incorporate vegetables into our daily eating. Because ‘Every Day I’m Brusselin,’ we can fight to make healthy eating a priority. We try our best to ‘Keep the Peas’ when our kids, or ourselves, don’t want to eat the healthiest. But all we have to do is ‘Romaine Calm’ and remember that progress is better than perfection.

These simple and silly daily reminders help us to move towards healthy choices and hopefully make you smile. Pick up some stickers at the Project Rooted Mailbox at 2250 Clydesdale Court, Dubuque, Iowa.

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Chickpea Parsley Soup

Chickpea Parsley Soup

When the days are darker with occasional snowflakes in the air, all I want in my body is some warm and bright food. Warm the body. Warm the mind. This chickpea-based soup is an homage to a recipe that I discovered in a bargain book bin as a teenager. Full of fresh...

Super Greens Risotto

Super Greens Risotto

Risotto sounds so fancy. When really, it is just a fresh take on rice. What makes this particular risotto so unique is that we through in a mess of greens to get those sneaky micronutrients in. Kale and parsley add a vibrant pop to this savory dish, perfect as a side...

Cherry Coconut Granola

Cherry Coconut Granola

There is something about freshly baked granola that singles the fall season. Maybe it's the need to satiate my soul with oats or the warm smells wafting through the kitchen. Either way, you can't go wrong with homemade granola. It's so simple that you'll wonder why...