Real food making a real difference.

Health stems from the inside. By feeding kids nutritious food, we not only nourish their bodies but their minds and futures too!

And its simpler than many may think! By educating kids and families about where their food comes from, we reconnect them with the source and open the doorway of opportunity to healthier choices.

The core of our educational projects are to provide the community as a whole with knowledge that connects them with the origin of their food and allows them to make wise choices about what they eat. We also believe in providing people with the awareness to prepare wholesome meals that are just as delicious as they are nutritious.

Community Events

We are on a mission to find connections in our community. See what we are up to!

Our Projects

Here are some of the awesome campaigns we have running at the moment. We would be delighted for you to get involved! We are always working on growing our programs and campaigns so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting initiatives coming in the future!


Project Rooted offers a variety of in and out of school programs that include experiential learning through hands on activities and events that help teach children and families how to live healthier lives through food.


Have immense fun with food thanks to our awesome box designed to educate kids about food! The box is full of fresh, local ingredients sourced from farmers, growers, and small shops. The wholesome food is accompanied by an exciting cooking utensil to get your children started along with fun activities and entertaining education.


Project Rooted provides complimentary organic seeds for all community members to help their gardens grow. Throughout the growing season we share resources and connect with families as they watch their gardens grow. We love to see Urban Agriculture spring to life and this program is the perfect resource to make that happen. 


This program connects kids to the growers/producers right in their own backyard. Each child is provided a $5 certificate that can be used at area markets, this provides the opportunity for kids to choose the foods they love and form a deeper connection with the people and working hands that grow our food. 

The Rooted Journal

In every Rooted Box, we put together activities and articles for kids and teens to read while eating the food in their box. Check out the latest edition of The Rooted Journal.

At Project Rooted, we hope our passion creates a ripple effect that empowers communities to uplift and educate each other too. The more full stomachs we have on fresh ingredients, the brighter our future looks for all!