Together We Can Do Amazing Things

May 12, 2022

It’s no secret that there is power in numbers. When people come together for a common cause, amazing things can happen. Not only is this true for us as humans, but it is perfectly shown in nature.

This month we are talking lots about bees and how incredible their community is. How is it that without ever saying a word, the bees know that their common goal is to make this honey for their group? Is it instinct? Is it work ethic? Or is it because they know intuitively that we are better together?

Just as the bees work together to make honey, we humans need to work together all this time. Now we aren’t all cooking or gardening experts, but we do all bring unique gifts and talents to the table. Look around you right now. Are you in your classroom? With your family at the dinner table? I bet you can identify something that each person you are around is good at. A gift that makes them special and purposeful.

How do you use your talents to help the greater community? Are you an artist? Are you a leader? Are you a cook? Anything you are good at is of great contribution to the community at large. When we put all of our special talents together with our friends and family, just imagine what we can achieve. I bet you some pretty big and amazing things can happen when we work together.

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