30 Days of Movement Challenge

Mar 15, 2021

For the next 30 days, we are challenging you to daily movement. See all of our ideas for how to get your body and your mind moving below!


Take a Walk

We challenge you to go for a solo walk without plugging in your earbuds. Just listen to the sounds around you and let your mind wander. Bonus points if you bring a dog with you!


Ride a Bike

As the weather becomes undeniably beautiful, take the bicycle out for a spin and find a new park in your neighborhood.


Run Fast

Gather your siblings or friends for a casual race around the track. Get your heart pumping and the oxygen flowing.



Loosen up your muscles and stretch it out. Work on getting the splits or maybe just touching your toes.

Jump Rope

Simple and easy to do pretty much anywhere, jumping rope gets you moving and makes your mind focus on motion.


Go for a Hike

Find a buddy and go explore a local park for an afternoon hike. Watch the seasons change before your eyes and soak up that Spring-time Vitamin D.

Shoot Hoops Outdoor

Basketball courts are calling for players. All you need is a ball. Shoot free throws solo or grab a bud and play some 1 v 1.


Take a moment to recenter your mind and work on your balance. Pick a spot in your living room and just breathe through a yoga flow.


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by Project Rooted

The team behind the dream.

Chickpea Parsley Soup

Chickpea Parsley Soup

When the days are darker with occasional snowflakes in the air, all I want in my body is some warm and bright food. Warm the body. Warm the mind. This chickpea-based soup is an homage to a recipe that I discovered in a bargain book bin as a teenager. Full of fresh...

Super Greens Risotto

Super Greens Risotto

Risotto sounds so fancy. When really, it is just a fresh take on rice. What makes this particular risotto so unique is that we through in a mess of greens to get those sneaky micronutrients in. Kale and parsley add a vibrant pop to this savory dish, perfect as a side...

Cherry Coconut Granola

Cherry Coconut Granola

There is something about freshly baked granola that singles the fall season. Maybe it's the need to satiate my soul with oats or the warm smells wafting through the kitchen. Either way, you can't go wrong with homemade granola. It's so simple that you'll wonder why...