How Does a Greenhouse Work?

May 12, 2022

One of the greatest advances in farming has been the invention of the greenhouse, a special building that we grow plants in. Greenhouses are how we are able to grow vegetables all year round regardless of the weather. But how is that possible?

1. When you build a greenhouse, the first thing to think about is light. How much light can you get into a room just from the sun? Most greenhouses you see will be almost all windows to let in the most sunshine possible.

2. When the light enters the greenhouse, it warms the room. It doesn’t matter if it is winter outside. As long as the light warms the plants in the greenhouse and the heat can not escape through cracks, the plants will think it is the summer growing season.

3. Plants absorb this light through a process called photosynthesis. This is something plants do to create energy. Just like you eat a snack when you are hungry, plants take in light when they are. The more light they have the more they will grow.

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