It Always Come From The Earth

May 12, 2022

No matter the season, all of our food starts with the Earth. From the rich nutrient-dense soil to the water cycle rains that replenish our plants. Nothing can be done without the Earth.

We share the Earth’s abundant resources with every living being on the planet. Animals, bugs, trees, moss, and humans all coexist on this Earth. How is that possible? It is because we all come from the Earth in some way.

The sun warms the ground making it a fertile environment for plants to grow. The animals feast upon the natural wonders of the land to grow strong. And we as humans use all these small moments to nourish ourselves from Earth to mouth.

Eating from the Earth and in partnership with what it can provide is the most sustainable way to keep our planet and our bodies healthy for the long run.

Project Rooted :: Connecting kids to real food from the ground up. Dubuque, Iowa.

by Project Rooted

The team behind the dream.

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